Tiny Girl Stuns The America’s Got Talent Crowd with her Powerful Voice

Angelica Hale is our new favorite singer!
The nine-year-old cutie, who performed on America’s Got Talent last night and blew the judges away, said on the show that she wanted to be Whitney Houston.
With all of the confidence in the world, Angelica steps onto the America’s Got Talent stage to perform “Rise Up” by Andra Day.
Before she was a talented singer, Angelica spent weeks under doctors’ care when she was just four-years-old. Despite all their efforts, Angelica’s condition worsened and a hospital pastor was brought in to talk with her parents. But by the grace of God, Angelica pulled through and made a full recovery! In the years since that experience, she’s perfected her voice and developed her stage presence.
As soon as she starts singing in front of the America’s Got Talent judges, everyone’s jaws drop! The crowd rises to give her a standing ovation and her parents watch proudly from backstage! This was the biggest moment in their daughter’s life so far and was nailing it!

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