These Tough Bikers Pull up and Saves The Life of an Abused Teenage Girl

This girl known as “FA” was once very outgoing, fearless and adventurous. But at 10 years old, her step-father began abusing her. FA stopped eating, stopped sleeping, and even started showering with her clothes on. She was living in a nightmare, and her mother, known as “Mother Duck” realized what was going on. She was able to kick her husband out, but her daughter wasn’t the same.
Sick of living in fear FA found help from these leather-clad guardian angels. One day, the motorcade — led by a man who goes by the name of Tombstone — rolled up and took in the scared, abused child into their family.
FA remembers the very first time she saw the BACA crew roll up to her home. “There’s just all these bikes,” she says. “There’s these huge, tall men and they were in their vests and their boots, huge beards and strong-looking women. They looked very tough.” But it didn’t take long for FA to realize that these bikers were her saviors. “It was incredible to see my daughter for the first time almost in three years, relax,” her mom says.

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