Unusual ‘Dont Text and Drive’ Message You Wont Forget

Texting and driving is a recipe for potentially killing yourself and anyone else who is in the car with you. This public service message is totally epic as it shows how you can prevent your idiot friend from answering his phone while driving. It’s a simple technique that you probably would never think of, but as you are about to see, it is highly effective.
New Zealand’s Transport Agency decided that instead of scaring people, they’d take a lighter approach and suggest a harmless, but hilarious way to get distracted drivers to curb their bad habit.
These passengers refuse to be another statistic because their driver was texting and driving. So when the driver reached for their phone these passengers reached for their hands. And by the end I was cracking up. Texting and driving is a serious issue, and if one life is saved because this funny ad sticks in someone’s head then it will be a blessing. PLEASE don’t text and drive.

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