His Wife Completely Loses Memory because of Brain Damage. Then he Puts These Pics on The Wall…

Just 30 days after the Tunicia married her husband Raleigh she got a terrible headache. The pain was unbearable, and after being rushed to the hospital, it was discovered she had an aneurysm. Her brain was beginning to hemorrhage. Tunicia almost completely lost her memory. She had no idea how old she was or if she had even married Raleigh. Things were dire.
“She didn’t know what year she was in,” Raleigh said. “After two days, I said, ‘I gotta do something here.’”
While Tunicia stayed in the intensive care unit, Raleigh put himself to work. He wasn’t going to let his wife, who had only a 50/50 chance to recover, lose to the odds. The devoted husband came up with a plan to get his wife’s memory back. See the rest of this unforgettable story below.

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