A woman asked on Facebook what was the bizarre “egg” that appeared on the ceiling of her room

At first glance, it appeared to be a strange egg clinging to the ceiling of the room. Everyone immediately conjured up images of something terrifying, especially since the woman who made the photos public was pleading for assistance.

All Internet users who had the chance to witness a photograph of the strange egg got shivers.The egg dripping from a room’s ceiling provoked a flurry of emotions and intense debate.

“Does anyone have any idea what this is?” a strange egg appeared on the ceiling of a room. “This is in the closet of a friend’s son.” They’re not sure if it’s always been there and they’ve just spotted it now, or if it’s only recently appeared. It’s been a long time since they moved there.

Is there anyone who knows what it is? “And what should she do?” said the narrator.

According to 7news.com.au, Amy posted on a popular Facebook page dedicated to Australians. The post sparked a flurry of responses, but no one could figure out what was dangling from the ceiling. Many assumed it was a package of spider eggs. Everyone expected to find eggs inside, and they feared the house might be infested at any moment.

An Internet user commented, “If we were billions of years ago, I would have claimed it was a dinosaur egg.”

Another person said, “My husband worked with rodents and believes it’s an egg-filled spider’s nest. You can vacuum it and then spray it heavily with insecticide.”

Another online user proposed the following solution: “If it’s a spider’s nest, there will be thousands of them there.” Another individual suggested, “I advise a protective suit, insect spray, and fire. Stab it and see what happens; at least you’ll be ready.”

So, what exactly was the strange egg suspended from the ceiling? When it was revealed what it actually was, everyone was speechless.

Amy’s father-in-law “intervened” by taking his heart in his hands and solving the mystery. Few would have guessed that the strange egg was only expanding foam used on the house’s roof that had entered the ceiling.

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