Woman Accidentally Drops Engagement Ring in Homeless Man’s Cup. She Wanted it Back but…

Billy Ray Harris was a 55-year-old homeless man who lived under a bridge in Kansas City. But on one very fateful day, his life changed forever.
A kindhearted woman named Sarah Darling passed Billy Ray and dropped some change in his cup — but accidentally dropped her $4000 diamond engagement ring with it!
He considered selling the ring and using the money to change his life for the better, but his gut told him to hold onto it instead.
Two days later, Sarah returned to the same spot where the pair first met. She was in a panic, hoping to God that Billy Ray still had the ring… and he did!
Billy Ray happily took the precious ring from his pocket and handed it back to Sarah… but their story didn’t end there.
Sarah and her husband Bill started an online fundraiser for Billy Ray, who they had quickly befriended. They also raised nearly $200,000 for Billy Ray and helped him reunite with his estranged family!
Thanks to the stranger’s kind heart and decision to hold onto that very special ring, Billy Ray is no longer homeless.
Miracles happen in very strange ways, but this is proof they are possible.

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