This 9-Year-Old ‘Couple’ Saying Goodbye is the Sweetest Thing Ever

Merce and Mylee are on their way to breaking the Internet — and they’re only 9 years old.
No matter what way you slice it, saying goodbye to a loved one is tough, especially if you don’t know when you might see them again. As the video below shows, farewells can be difficult at any age.
You see, Merce and Mylee have known each other since they were 2. They met at a dance class taught by Merce’s grandma, and they have been inseparable ever since. They have always said they were boyfriend and girlfriend.
The “couple” title is symbolic of their strong friendship, since Merce’s dad, Glen, says they aren’t old enough to actually date.
Recently, Glen received a new job in California, meaning that the family would have to move away from their hometown in Louisiana… and away from Mylee.
I hope they find eachother years from now and pick up where they left off :,)

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