Subway Singer Brings his Soulful Rendition of ‘Unchained Melody’ to America’s Got Talent Stage

When Mike first discovered his passion for music the only venue that seemed to suit him was the New York City subway system. But Mike’s popularity began to grow and he finally got the opportunity to share his amazing voice with the world.
In late 2016, Mike Yung amassed over 40 million views on YouTube after a video of him singing in the New York City subway went viral.
And after belting out classic hits at the station on 23rd and Sixth Avenue, the soulful singer brought his talents to the America’s Got Talent stage.
Before jumping into his performance, Mike told the crowd how much singing in front of people means to him! He said, “Success is what you make it, right. But there’s no better stage, there’s no better place to be than right here.” After chatting with the judges, the music started up and Mike began his incredible performance of “Unchained Melody,” a hit tune from the Righteous Brothers.
The moment Mike finished up singing, everyone rose to give him a standing ovation! He was shocked to see such a positive reaction from the crowd and started to tear up!

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