Abandoned Senior Horse Begs Her For Help. But When She Looks Into His Eyes? Unbelievable…

For whatever reason, some horrible person decided to take their old and senior horse up a hill and abandon him there. The owner decided they were tired of keeping the old horse and just didn’t want to deal with him anymore. But instead of giving the horse away to someone who could take care of him, they decided to leave the old guy to die from lack of water.
When a woman and her husband heard there was a dying horse out in the wild, they had no idea they were in for one of the most life-changing experiences they’ve ever endured.
This woman refused to let this old horse die. Even though this poor horse was on the brink of death, she walked through the muddy trails for miles and miles to ensure that this old guy could be saved. Even though he was starving to death, dying of thirst, and suffering from skin conditions, she managed to bring the guy to his new home!

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