Baby Panda Snuck out of Bed. Watch What Happens when Mom Finally Catches Her

When panda cubs are born in captivity, they are under the careful watch of human caretakers for 24 hours a day. Often, this surveillance is in facilities like the one seen in this video. Life here may seem dreary, but it is important to remember how endangered these animals are. As many cubs as possible need to survive the most vulnerable stages of youth if the population of giant pandas is to thrive. These facilities may not always look the most natural, but they are built to ensure that the animals can be easily monitored in a clean and sterile environment.
Sadly, many of the pandas that are born in captivity will never be introduced back into the wild. The harsh reality of the situation is that there simply isn’t enough of their natural habitat left.
The tiny panda cub featured in this video goes by the name Yuan Zai. Yuan Zai just so happens to be the first baby panda born in Taiwan. Like most youngsters, she has an adventurous desire to explore her surroundings. However, her mother, Yuan Yuan, has different plans for her in their home at the Taipei Zoo.

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