Adorable 3 YO Girl Giggles at Piano, Moments Later Blows Internet Away with her Talent

Most three-year-olds still have not learned how to tie their shoes, master buttons and zippers, or read and write. But one little three-year-old does something so mind-boggling it has gone totally viral.
Little Charlotte is three years old and takes piano lessons from Do Re Mi in Hong Kong. She’s a sweet little thing and when she walks up to the beautiful black piano and plops down on the bench, a woman running a video camera asks her to play a song for her.
According to Baby Center, most piano teachers recommend that children start lessons around the age of five. However, there have been instances where children can begin learning the piano as young as three.
But when it comes to Charlotte it seems as though she’s been playing the piano since she was a newborn. The way her tiny fingers move across the keys and how her body sways to the song is truly impressive.
We have no doubt that, if she keeps up with it, Charlotte will be a piano master in just a few years. She’s already well on her way now!

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