This Adorable Girl is Born with Unique White Streak Exactly Like her Mom’s

Every parent hopes their child will inherit something from them — maybe it’s a certain eye color, chin dimple or a love for soccer. Brianna Worthy, 23, from Ridgeland, South Carolina, hoped her daughter would inherit a distinct feature that she inherited from her mother: a white streak of hair at the front of their heads.
South Carolina mom Brianna Worthy knows better than anyone that her baby girl’s birthmark makes her unique, because it links all the ladies in the family.
It looks like an artistically bleached hairdo at first glance, but it’s actually a part of her genetics.
Her hair is almost entirely made up of dark brown ringlets, except for the shock of bleach-white curls dipping down over her forehead.
Little MilliAnna is beautiful the way she is!
Plus, very few little girls have such a beautiful and powerful inheritance from the women who came before her!

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