While you Walk Around this Town, you will Notice these Tiny ‘Fairy Doors.’ Here’s what They Mean!

In 2005, residents living in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, started noticing tiny ‘fairy doors’ popping up and appearing around town.
These doors are built into buildings, shops, and restaurants, and after a few of them became widely known to locals, they developed a cult following.
Jonathan B. Wright, a father and a children’s book author, is believed to be the man behind these cute, petite fairy doors.
It all began in the early 1990s, when he discovered something unusual in his house.

“1993 or so is when we first discovered one in our own home. Inside of that door is a stairway that leads up to yet another door that has been locked every time that we’ve checked.”

He was renovating his home, and he decided to install some fairy doors for his daughters. A decade later, he decided to go public.
Children have really fallen in love with these fairy doors. Many of them like to leave a gift outside them!
The video below details the phenomenon.

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