Huge Group of Bikers Show up at School to Protect a Boy who is Victim of Hate Crimes

After being the victim of a string of race-related hate crimes, seven-year-old Eze was feeling alone in a world where he was judged for the color of his skin.
7-year-old Eze recently learned this the hard way when his mom’s car was vandalized by school bullies. Eze is biracial and has to deal with bullying regularly, but this was a particularly vicious incident. The bullies carved hateful messages on his mom’s car and threw things at it.
Fortunately, one of Eze’s neighbors happens to be a biker. When he saw what had happened, he decided to speak to some of his buddies at the motorcycle club. They were touched by the tale as well and decided to rally together to cheer the boy up, as well as showing that he was under their protection.
In an impressive display, 20 badass bikers rode up to Eze’s school and waited for him outside the gates. They showed him their bikes and even let him jump on for a ride-along. Meanwhile, we can only imagine how scared those bullies must have been when they saw Eze’s new friends!

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