Formerly Blind 2-Year-Old Girl Sees her Mom for the First Time After Surgery

Children who were born with something life-threatening, life-changing, or simply different, are the ones in the world who truly have something to be upset about. And often, they don’t say a word about it.
Which is why we should remember to think twice about what we’re complaining about. Because although things could always be better, they could always be worse, too.
Nicolly Pereira is one of those little girls who can remind us to be grateful for something we’d never even think to be thankful for: our sight.
Pereira was born blind. But, her mom was not going to accept her little girl’s fate without trying to help change it first.
She started a fundraiser, she raised $17,000, and she traveled from her home in Brazil to a hospital in America. And that hospital tried to help her now 2-year-old daughter gain vision.
This emotional video shows the incredible moment that Nicolly opens her eyes and sees her mom for the first time.

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