A Customer Noticed his Waiter’s Smile and Tipped him a New Set of Teeth

Despite the fact he suffered with painful dental issues his entire life, everyone who knows Brian loves him for his cheery disposition. He never stops smiling, even through his mouth full of crooked teeth and the insecurities they caused him.
Unfortunately, he has struggled with serious dental problems since he was a kid. He was missing teeth and many of the ones he did have were infected. He didn’t have the money to get them fixed either.
One January morning, Brian served attorney Fred Boettcher and his family at the diner. Fred was immediately struck by Brian’s kind soul and enthusiastic grin.
Having experienced issues with his own teeth when he was younger, Fred felt compelled to step outside of himself and do the unthinkable.
As soon as Brian took the family’s order, Fred got up from the table and approached Brian at the hostess stand. Instead of paying the bill that day, Fred ended up offering Brian a gift worth $25,000… and one that touched Brian to tears.

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