This Stray Goes from Rags to Riches, and it All Started with a Facebook Post

When we first meet Pumpkin, she’s standing alone in the middle of a road. Her body is burned. Her skin is exposed. Her fur is matted. She’d been shot with a BB gun and left to die. To top it all off, a man snapped a picture of her wandering the streets, posted it on Facebook and made fun of her. “LOL. Only in the 3rd ward, I see a burned up dog,” he wrote.
But news travels fast on the Internet, and good people saw this terrible photo of Pumpkin. It wasn’t too long before one man’s sad attempt at sick humor transformed into something incredible. Local dog rescue volunteers quickly tracked Pumpkin down — and what the man’s picture didn’t show was that Pumpkin was a mother. Her newborn was covered in fleas and on the verge of death, and sadly didn’t make it.
But as Pumpkin recovered, her life took a drastic turn. Her fur grew back, shiny and white. Her scars were healed. Her beautiful spirit began to shine through.
Then, Pumpkin was taken in by her foster mom Kelly. But that didn’t last long… you’ll see what I mean.
We’ve seen some amazing rescue videos, but none quite like this. Grab your tissues for this one, because you’re gonna need ‘em. I was sobbing like a baby halfway through.

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