A Blind Man Sees Wife and Son for the First Time Ever

Imagine never getting to see what’s around you, or more importantly, who’s around you. Many people around the world suffer from blindness, and many lack the resources to get help.
The good news is, technology is rapidly advancing.
Scientists developed a pair of glasses specifically geared toward color blind individuals, and when the brothers tried the glasses on their world completely changed!
Now– with the story of a man named Gene– we are again reminded that sight is a gift, and we’re seeing how technology has the power to change lives.
Gene lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Joy, and 1-year-old son, Lincoln. Although Gene can see to some extent, he is legally blind as he has Stargardts Disease, an illness which prevents his eyes from being able to focus.
Joy said that one day she was watching the Rachel Ray Show when she saw something that left her amazed. Rachel Ray had brought a young woman with impaired vision on the show where the woman tried on eSight, a pair of high-tech goggles that allowed her to see!

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