Bride was more then Surprised when She Spots this Guest at her Wedding

When Madeline Pyle was 5 years old, she and her family received gut-wrenching news. Madeline had been diagnosed with leukemia
Battling cancer is no easy task — especially when the one afflicted is just a small child.
Eighteen and a half years after Madeline’s fateful trip to the doctor, she reached a major milestone in life. After successfully battling cancer as a child, she was getting married. Her father, Ed Pyle, had quite the surprise in store for his daughter on her special day. Fortunately, a videographer was there to capture said surprise on film.
In attendance at Madeline’s wedding ceremony, much to her amazement, were three members of the medical staff who diagnosed and treated her as a child. When Madeline caught a glimpse of those who had saved her life so many years ago, it was clear that she was overcome. The trio of doctors and nurses was there to present flowers to the soon-to-be-married couple, who then offered the flowers to Mary, the Mother of Jesus — as is common in many Catholic weddings.

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