Celine Dion Breaks Down in Tears while Debuting her New Song about her Late Husband

Celine Dion has had a rough year. Her beloved husband, Rene Angelil, lost his battle with cancer. The couple was an inspiration to all, staying strong despites the pressures of the business. Only two days later, Celine’s older brother Daniel also died from cancer.
Coping with her losses has not been easy for Celine but on September 9th, 2016, she appeared for a performance on “Stand Up To Cancer.” It is there that she debuted her new single “Recovering,” a tribute to her husband, brother, and father, all of whom died from cancer.
The touching song was written by Pink, who offered it personally to Celine. The song is very fitting with its powerful lyrics. Before Celine begins to sing, she tells the audience “I miss René every day and the loss will now be a part of my life.”
Watch the video below and pay attention at the end of the performance when the image of Celine’s husband, brother and father are projected on the screen. As Celine turns to face them, we can see her being overcome with emotion.

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