It was a Little Cold so Dad Puts Baby’s Hand Under The Cover, but Nanny Cam Captured Something Strange

If you have kids you know that there are many surprises to be had, especially during their first few years. The early years of becoming a parent can be difficult, with many sleepless nights but I’m sure any parent will tell you that the good moments far outweigh the bad and the clip below is a prime example of this.
This dad surely didn’t expect this to happen as he was tucking his newly born into bed. He attempts to push the baby’s arm down under the covers, but he immediately responds in an adorable way.
As he tucks in his arm, his other arm then moves in the opposite direction like some sort of mechanical device; it really is too adorable. Both parents start laughing, quiet enough to not wake their sleeping child.
When it was first published, some viewers wrote to the parents as they were concerned that the actions might be to do with a medical issue. This wasn’t to be, and baby Tyler has grown up to be a fit and healthy 8-year-old.

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