Cute Girl Runs to Hug her Big Brother every Single Time The School Bus Drops him Off

There is always a bond between a brother and a sister, even if they don’t always get along. Interests may vary, and they may have different friends, but there will still never be another connection like the one between a brother and a sister.
This little girl and her brother clearly have an extra strong bond. Every single afternoon, this little girl waits with mom for the big kid school bus to stop at their driveway.
When the bus pulls up, she gets excited and ready to run.
Then, when she sees her brother walk dow the steps, she runs, literally with open arms, right to him.
Each and every time, big brother reciprocates the hug, usually having to lift her up and carry her a few inches away from the bus.
What a lucky little girl to have a big brother like this who will always be there to protect her.
What a lucky boy, too, to have a sister who looks up to him and loves him so much. Surely he will always strive to be a good role model for her.

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