Cute Kids Run and Hug Each other 11 Long Months after Being Separated At Orphanage

Could you imagine meeting someone in an orphanage in China, getting adopted by a family in America, and then 11 months later, that friend is also adopted by a family in America, but in your new hometown?
That is exactly what happened to these little preschoolers! Hannah and Dawson became inseparable during their time in a Chinese orphanage, and both toddlers were devastated when Hannah was adopted and Dawson was not.
They pair had been at the orphanage together since they were a few months old. Hannah had been dropped there because of her cleft lip, while Dawson’s parents could not handle his condition, as he has fluid on his brain.
Andy and Sharon Sykes of Plano, Texas adopted Hannah 11 months ago. While adopting her, they saw that every photo of her in the orphanage, Dawson was right by her side.
The couple wanted to get him a home and they hoped they could do it locally, so they posted his photo on Facebook. Sure enough, their plan worked!
Christopher and Amy Clary of Lewisville, Texas adopted Dawson and the two families planned to reunite the toddlers, without telling them.

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