Cute Baby Farts in The Sink and has Adorable Reaction to Her Own Stink

Darling little baby got pretty sick in the middle of the night, all she could do was cry for her mom to help her. Thankfully, her amazing mom woke up, even though it was three in the morning, and took care of her sick daughter immediately.
It turned out that her poor little baby had thrown up a bit and just wasn’t feeling very good, so Mom decided to give her a quick bath to clean her up and calm her down when something totally unexpected happened!
Mom saw how cute her little girl was being in the bathroom sink and realized she just had to capture this memory on camera, but Mom had no idea she was going to catch her little daughter farting in the middle of her bath!
It seems as if this little girl was not expecting her fart to be so powerful! The amount of bubbles scared her so much (and possibly the smell), that she ended up crying from the total surprise and shock!
Mom will always have this adorable film to remember those cute little moments forever.

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