This Man Hasnt Shaved his Beard in 40 Years. When He Sees His Face Again? Wow!

Sometimes shaving has a special significance for someone. This homeless veteran’s transformative makeover earned him a new life and a new job!
The most shocking detail about Ralph “Boonie” Lethbridge’s makeover is how long he’s unknowingly been preparing for this moment. The Newfoundland man always had a long beard, reaching to his chest, which he’s been growing for a whopping 40 years! In fact, he hasn’t shaved since the age of 16!
His first shave in 40 years was quite the event. People even packed a skating rink to see it. As he takes a seat in the middle of the rink, it’s hard to imagine what he would look like without his beard. Needless to say, after the shave, he looks like a completely different person!
The event raised a grand total of $51,000 for a local ALS charity. Lethbridge’s good friend, Larry, was recently diagnosed with the disease. Watch the two emotionally embrace after Lethbridge’s touching sacrifice.

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