Dog whose Front Legs were Chopped off for Chewing Shoes Thrives under Care of Rescuers

Cola is barely a year old and was just doing what puppies do. He managed to get out of his home and went over to a neighbor’s property where he found a pair of shoes and began to chew on one of them. That simple action would have dire consequences.
“The man who owned the shoes complained to the lady who owns Cola and she willingly paid him compensation for the damage caused. Not satisfied with this, the man later entered the lady’s property and attacked Cola, severing both lower legs with a sword,”
The brutish man also threatened Cola’s owner that he would kill her other dogs if she complained. Police investigated and the man was prosecuted under the country’s new Animal Welfare Law and received a month in jail.
After Cola’s legs were sliced off, his owner rushed to an emergency vet hospital. He somehow managed to survive the blood loss and infection but he was far from out of the woods. That’s when Soi Dog Foundation stepped forward and took Cola to a specialist hospital.
Now a year old, Cola is walking up stairs and enjoying time with his rescuers.

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