Georgia Deputy Proves The Dangers of Sitting in a Hot Car

The video shows Deputy Robin Regan from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office demonstrating how quickly a person begins to feel the effects of extreme heat.
When Deputy Regan enters the car, the temperature inside is 96.7 degrees. However, it starts rising at such a quick pace that, after seven minutes, his resting heart rate rises to 115, exceeding a person’s normal range of 60–100. The rising heat even prevents the electrical devices in the car from working properly.
By the middle of the video, Deputy Regan is sweating profusely and his clothes are soaked. By the end, his heart rate is 151 bpm, an early symptom of heatstroke or body overheating. And when you see what the thermometer reads right before he exits the car, you’ll probably be shocked.
With about 38 children dying every year in the United States from being left in a hot car, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office is hoping to educate people on the matter.

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