Dad was Surprised to See Newborn Twins Talking. Luckily for us he Caught it on Camera

Mike Lansky knew he had to whip out the camera when his precious little ones were all bundled up in the nursery, but I don’t think even Dad expected them to start doing this!
It’s no shock that twins have a very special connection. While most of us enter the world alone, twins enter the world together.
So many twins talk about knowing exactly what the other one is thinking, feeling each other’s pain, as well as each other’s happiness.
None of that is so hard to believe after watching these newborns hold their very “first conversation” together.
The baby on the right begins to move her lips as if she’s trying to say something. Then her sister begins mouthing something as well.
The bundled babies are already figuring out how to navigate this great big old world together!

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