Daddy Sings ‘You are so Beautiful to Me’ to his Baby Girl. Her Response will Bring you to Tears.

It is impossible to watch this moment without smiling. “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker was dad’s song choice. And it might be one of the only songs that could perfectly explain a dad’s affection for his daughter. As he sings, she can’t help but smile and it’s clear that she couldn’t be happier.
At only two months, it is rare to see an infant smile for a long period of time – but in this moment, dad did exactly the right thing. Normally, this little baby would coo wiggle and wave her arms in such an awake state, but you can barely hear a peep out of her. Instead, she gazes intently at dad and just lets his voice soothe her.
Any parent would be able to say that the best part of having child is to see them happy. Watch as she reaches out to touch his face while she gives dad a giggle. It’s safe to say that this dad loves to adore his girl.

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