Friends Say He is Not Enough for his Glam Girlfriend, then He Reveals a Drastic Change

While Clara was always rocking a glammed-up look with faux fur and polished nails, Brandon was always much more low-key. He rarely left the house in anything other than T-shirts and jeans, and he kept his brown hair and beard long and scraggly.

You’d think Brandon would be self-conscious when stepping out with his fashion-forward girlfriend, but as you’ll see, he’s very confident in himself and their relationship. So confident, in fact, that Brandon lured Clara Belle to Rachael Ray’s stage under some false pretenses.

In the video below, Brandon reveals that he’s about to let fashion guru Gretta Monahan make him over from head-to-toe. “I just want to warn you all that your jaws are gonna drop,” Gretta says. “I have something in store for him that you’re not going to believe!”

When Brandon emerges back on stage, he leaves Clara Belle absolutely stunned. He, too, is speechless by his brand-new look. He’s like a completely different person!

Then Brandon reveals the real reason he and Clara Belle are on the show.

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