Greedy Seller Thought He Ripped this Guy Off when He Sold a Rusty Knife for $3, but…

Remember that awesome feeling of finding an awesome item for a very cheap price? Well, I’m guessing you walked away with a huge smile on your face and told all your friends about it. Well, that’s exactly how a seller felt when he first walked at a recycling store after successfully selling an old, rusty knife for $3. However, it’s the buyer who eventually ended up having the last laugh.
Jun takes out his knife-sharpening equipment and sets out to get his revenge on the guy who ripped him off. Watching Jun take the knife from a dull, rusty piece of junk to a highly polished work of art is mesmerizing. But the video doesn’t stop there.
This unexpectedly popular (and oddly satisfying) video has already racked up more than 13 million hits, and once you see it you’ll understand why.

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