Daddy Shocked Everyone with an Epic Surprise at Gender Reveal Party

On October 3, 2015, a traditional gender reveal party turned into so much more. While Dad was Team Pink, the expecting mother and their son were Team Blue all the way.
Since the day was so jam-packed with activities and events, the camerawoman knew she needed to capture each and every moment. It all kicked off with a scavenger hunt that led them to the location of the gender reveal party.
As you’ll see, it was a down-home and festive family affair with body paint, contests, and pink and blue balloons.
The plan was to blindfold Mom and paint her baby bump with either pink or blue. Then, she would be ushered outside where she’d lift her shirt and reveal the gender to herself and her loved ones.
When she was finally able to look down at her bump, Mom saw she was pregnant with the boy she’d been hoping for… but there was also a diamond ring painted around the blue cartoon baby.
Yes, a wedding was afoot, and it was going to happen much sooner than she could have ever expected.

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