Dancers Line up in Front of Entire Gym. Watch Who Joins them on The Floor

Dependence on a wheelchair doesn’t stop the dreams of those seeking to express themselves through movement, and this performance of Cincinnati’s Wonders on Wheels proves there’s a place for those of all physical abilities in this art form. This mesmerizing dance is sure to captivate you.
A performance by a Cincinnati-based group of dancers is warming hearts all over the Internet. Dancers, age six through 27, participate in Revere Dance Studio’s Wonders on Wheels Team, accompanied by their “shadows,” and if you’ve been feeling low on inspiration, these girls are just the sight you need.
The clip shows the dance team moving performance to Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ at Seton High School. The routine was choreographed by Tracey Burgoon, and dedicated to friend Katie Boyle, who loved Celine Dion.
The performance is a tribute to a dancer who passed away earlier this year. Burgoon started teaching the Wonders on Wheels classes after a friend of hers who was teaching wheelchair dance classes couldn’t do it anymore. At first, it was only open to those with Spina bifida, but now all students in wheelchairs can participate. How great is that?

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