Artist Lined up 66,000 Water Cups, but when The Camera Panned out I was Floored

Serge Belo, an extremely popular and and insanely talented Canadian artist, prides himself on making incredibly unique and original masterpieces. Many of his pieces also have a message he wishes to convey to the world using powerful imagery. The piece displayed in this video is no exception and is not only beautiful, but very moving.
The masterpiece– called 66,000: A Water Mosaic With a Cause– takes up 3,600 square feet. Belo was inspired after a drought in 2001 destroyed nearly all of the plants in the horticulture company he owned at the time. But the drought was about more than plants for Belo. Since that drought, he has been on a mission to raise awareness about access to clean water, and thought of 66,000: A Water Mosaic With A Cause as a way to repurpose a commonly used item– the drinking cup– to spark conversation.
Precision, foresight, organization, creativity – these are just a few of the qualities you must possess to create such a majestic work of art. Check out the video below to see just how compelling Belo’s art really is!

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