Dog Gets Christmas Gift to Fill The Void Recently Left in his Life

Every dog needs a friend with whom they can have fun and goofy around. Unfortunately for Cash, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever, his best furry friend passed away.

The two were inseparable and would spend their days running around together, but now, Cash was all by himself. Although his human parents love him to the moon and back, it was obvious he missed Rosie very much.

Marie Ahonen, Cash’s mom, decided it was just about time to bring another dog in the house. With Cash always being the good boy he is, that would be his ultimate Christmas present. Plus, they will provide a puppy with a forever home, which means they’ll grant the wishes of two dogs this year.

The family made sure to capture Cash’s reaction on tape. As they brought the box with the puppy in the room, the big brother could feel something was going on and felt curious to check it out. Just as he approached to sniff it, the lid opened and a tiny head popped up.

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