Homeless Man Spent Last Money to Celebrate a Birthday with his Dogs!

A park-goer out enjoying a warm night in Bucaramanga, Colombia spotted a young homeless man with his dogs celebrating a special moment and captured it on camera. The video has captured the hearts of dog lovers since. In the video, the homeless man is seen placing paper hats on the heads of his two dogs. He pulls out a cake, lights some candles and sings softly.

After watching the loving gesture, the passerby approached the young man and learned his name was Choco and he was having a birthday party for his dog, Shaggy, along with his other dog Nena. Choco told the bystander that he escaped an abusive home and had been living on the streets for a few years.

After the video began to circulate online, Good Samaritans began visiting Choco and his dogs in the park. They have been providing Choco with food and supplies and bringing their own dogs to socialize with Shaggy and Nena

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