3 Years After their Dog Died, this Family got The Most Shocking Call of Their Lives…

When military man Ben Harworth moved with his family from Georgia to South Korea for a new assignment in 2012, they arranged for their dog Zeus to be taken in by a friend. They were heartbroken when they received a call a few months later that Zeus had died.
A few years past, and the Hartworth’s returned to the States and relocated to Washington state. Last month, they received another call that shocked them to the core. A woman named Laura had noticed a Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Chow mix wandering around her North Carolina neighborhood. The dog was exhausted and ill, but when Laura opened her car door, the dog jumped right in. She took him to a veterinarian and when he was scanned for his microchip it turns out it was Zeus!
Although it’s not clear why Zeus was assumed dead and where he had been in the past three years, the family was overjoyed he was alive and coming home.

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