Ed Sheeran’s wife was diagnosed with cancer while six months pregnant with couple’s second child

It might be simple to forget that despite their wealth and popularity, celebrities are just people like the rest of us. They so experience the same pleasures and pains, heartaches, shocks, and difficult periods of life.

The next time we’re latching onto rumors that surface without any supporting evidence or acting on spectacular headlines, we might do well to keep that in mind. As human beings, celebrities also have difficult times from time to time.

You don’t think we’re real? You only need to look at Ed Sheeran, whose wife suffered a terrible cancer diagnosis last year while carrying their second kid.

Although Ed Sheeran is regarded as one of the most successful musicians of his generation on a global scale, he has experienced a great deal of anxiety in recent years.

He got together in 2015, and he and his wife Cherry Seaborn are said to have been married since 2019.

However, when Cherry learned she had cancer while pregnant last year, their entire world fell apart. Sheeran’s worst friend passed away in the same month, which only made his misery worse.

Ed Sheeran clarified in an interview for his Disney+ documentary series Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All: “Cherry’s health was pretty awful, and then all of a sudden, my best friend Jamal dies.

“You guys asked whether anyone would like to produce a documentary. “Yeah, I should be in the studio and we’ll play the gig,” I said.

“The documentary is not that.”

Then, as Sheeran rides in the back of a car, the camera pans to him, crying uncontrollably.

During the sixth month of her pregnancy, doctors found a tumor in Cherry, Sheeran’s wife, which she disclosed in the same documentary.

“I was given a cancer diagnosis at the beginning of the year,” she remarked. It caused me to seriously consider our mortality. Although I would never consent to do anything of the such, it got me to thinking: “Well, what would people think of me if I died?” What is it that you leave behind?

“For Ed, the whole idea is he wants to tell people, ‘I’m not just this music machine,’” she went on. I’m not just this automaton that vies for the top spot. I am a friend, a father, and a son. I didn’t start thinking that I might die until this year.

After months of anxiety, Cherry gave birth to their second child, a boy, with success. Soon after, she had a successful surgery to remove the tumor in her arm.

Ed Sheeran’s worry must have been unbearable when he found out that his pregnant wife had a tumor. Thank heavens, everything worked out fine.

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