When Ellen Calls her Assistant for Help Nobody Expected that THIS Will Happen!

Over the years, Ellen has done a countless number of wonderful things for her guests. From those in need to those who deserve to have a little something extra in their life for all of the wonderful things they’ve done, Ellen’s always there to make sure no good deed or kind heart goes unnoticed.
It’s no wonder that we simply can’t get enough of Ellen and her endless generosity.
But on this occasion, Ellen didn’t have to do very much except pull out some of her acting chops. When Aaron, one of her reporters, experienced some technical difficulties during a satellite interview, Ellen called Jen, her wardrobe assistant, up to the stage to help her with her microphone.
Everyone thinks that the cameras have stopped rolling throughout this whole thing, but just wait until you see the look on Jen’s face when she finds out the big secret.

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