Whole Family Rushes to Visit Newborn, but Quickly Discover its Not what They were Expecting

When a loved one gives birth, the first thing you want to do is rush over to the hospital and meet the little one! But when Theresa Slater and her husband called their loved ones over to welcome their newborn into the world, they got more than they bargained for!
Most of the Slater’s family member and friends knew that Theresa was expecting a newborn, but the gender was still up in the air.
It’s comical to hear family members behind the closed privacy curtain, debating whether it’s a boy or girl. As soon as they pulled aside the privacy curtain, they saw not one, but two newborn boys sleeping peacefully by Theresa’s side!
There was a lot of squealing, a ton of beaming smiles and plenty of hugs to go around. The family and friends who were surprised couldn’t believe their eyes.

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