Every Child who Visits his House Dies. A Lot of Kids have Died There, but Will be More….

Some people have such big hearts that it seems almost unbelievable. One of these folks is a man with a big bushy beard named Mohamed Bzeek.
He came to the United States from Libya back in 1978 to study, there he also met Dawn – the lady who was then becomes his wife.
The couple opened their home as a safe place for terminally ill children who need care during their last days on earth. For the past 20 years Mohamed spent his life caring for these abandoned children even if he is fully aware that they are eventually going to die.
Normally, these children would end their lives in a hospital, alone and abandoned. But thanks to Mohamed, they get the love, strength, warmth, and joy they deserve in their final months and days.
A great deal of Mohamed’s empathy for these children stems from when he was 62 years old and was diagnosed with cancer. His wife had already passed away and his son is handicapped, so had to go to the hospital and face surgery without anyone by his side. Mohamed felt completely alone – just like all the abandoned children who visit hospitals every day.
I hope everyone watches this video, because we need more people like Mohamed on our planet.

If you are interested to give donations to Mohamed’s noble work, just visit his Go Fund Me page.

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