Heartwarming Moment when 4 YO Prays for Grandfather on Life Support

When families are not allowed to visit sick members, all that we can do is pray for them just like Owen from Atlanta, Georgia. Owen’s family members were hit by the coronavirus as his aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, and grandpa all contracted COVID-19.
His mom, Brandee Hanes, posted an update, attaching a photo of her son. It showed a stack of toy trucks piled next to him on the glass table as he bowed his head, folded his hands, and prayed for his grandpa, Chuck Paulus, who had been on life support and in a coma while he’d spent a month in the hospital.
Many people have been touched by this post on social media and have been led to support them in prayer, “Dad’s a huge Ohio State fan, and very hard of hearing, so we have told the nurses, that if they yell OH, my Dad will reply IO if he can,” Hanes said. “So, that’s another way that Dad knows we are in contact with the nurses and staffing, because how else would they know to say that?”
Hanes keeps her followers and friends updated on her dad’s (Owen’s grandpa’s) progress through Facebook. Recently Hanes shared how her father is waking up. “Dad is doing really, really good,” she said. “We have had more days of progress and that is a blessing — an absolute blessing.”
Let’s keep praying for this family and also for all other families with members in the hospital, may the Lord have mercy and heal them from all their sickness and disease. In Jesus name. Amen.

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