Homeless Viral Video Star Gets Life-Changing Makeover

51 yo Donald Gould plays one of the seven pianos placed in the city by the Sarasota Keys project. A passer-by posted a video of him playing the piano on Facebook, and in the past week it has received millions of views. Donald is that good.
Though he wanted to pursue a career in music teaching before he fell on hard time, Donald’s dreams go way beyond music. He hopes and prays that one day he’ll reunite with his estranged son. “There’s not a day that’s gone by since they took him from me that I haven’t thought about him. He turned 18 last August 24,” he says. “I wish he would come and find me.” Hopefully, Donald’s recent rise to viral video stardom, along with his heartwarming makeover, will bring father and son back together again.

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