After Horse Gives Birth to Foal, They Notice Something Strange and Come Running

Jenni is a passionate horse lover, breeder, rider and caretaker. Her world lit up with joy when one of her most beloved mares named Daisy became pregnant with her first foal.
Daisy was seven days past her due date when Jenni and her co-worker Guy were called up to the stables by their night watch, saying she was in labor. They made it just in time to help Daisy’s beautiful palomino colt, Don Quixote, into the world.
Suddenly, Jenni’s dogs began to bark uncontrollably. When she and Guy went to inspect the afterbirth, they made a shocking discovery. Jenni felt a pair of feet inside of Daisy. She was in labor… again… and this time, the foal was in breech position.
The new mom laid down to push, but once she saw Don Quixote standing up, she was more interested in him than pushing out another baby.
The next few minutes were absolutely crucial, as the chance of having two live, healthy foals is slim-to-none.
Miraculously, the filly’s heart was beating. Duet, small yet mighty, was ready to stand within minutes.

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