Husband Tells Wife She is Pregnant in the Weirdest, Most Adorable Plot Twist Ever

I cannot wait for the day that I get to announce to my husband that I am preggers, his reaction better be epic otherwise I’ll be pretty disappointed. Having said this, I’m still young and drastically single with no potential boyfriend on the horizons, so I guess I’ll be waiting a while.
However, for one couple, Sam and Nia, this moment came just the other day, but these vloggers, who are used to sharing their lives with the internet, whipped up a social media storm when they revealed that they were expecting in a pretty unconventional way – the husband surprised the wife.
OK I know this sounds strange, how did he find out before her? Check out the video below and see how this crafty daddy managed to discover that his lady had a bun in the oven before she did.

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