Little Girl is Embarrassed to Wear Second Hand Clothes. Now Watch What Mom Does…

Ally Olsen set her stepdaughter up for a difficult situation. It wasn’t because she wanted to inflict pain; it was because she wanted her stepdaughter to stop inflicting that pain on others. Ally found out 11-year-old Kaylee was the mean girl at school. Kaylee, who loves fashion, took to making fun of another girl’s clothes.
“She said, ‘You’re ugly, you dress sleazy, you’re mean,’” Ally said. “She needed to know how inappropriate she was behaving.” So Ally took her daughter to a thrift store, had her pick out the clothes she thought were the ugliest, and then made her wear them to school for a mere two days. In those two days, Ally was teased for her outfits, but she experienced something much more powerful than a few harsh words: empathy.

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