Man is Pulled Over for Rushing Wife in Labor to Hospital, but Cops Response Haunts Them

James Reiner and his pregnant wife Dana were pulled over by police while speeding to the hospital in Chesterton, Indiana. Dana’s water had already broken.
Despite the flashing lights, Dana urged James not to stop the car. She told him they’d work it out at the hospital and begged for him to just keep driving.
In a panic, James called 911 while driving, explained the scenario, and told Dana he needed to pull over. James assumed that when he did, the police would assist in getting them to the hospital.
Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Dash cam footage obtained by the Northwest Indiana Times shows James getting out of thee car and dropping to the ground. “The police officer was screaming at me,” James told NBC. “Sirens were left on but it sounded like there was a possibility of me getting shot. So, I rolled down onto the ground and at that time he ran over to me at gunpoint and put his knee to my back and cuffed me as I lay on the ground.”
James tried explaining his wife was in labor, but one of them said, “I don’t care. You pull over.”
Officers eventually called for an ambulance — and just three minutes after she got to the hospital, she gave birth to her daughter. The baby girl’s umbilical cord was allegedly wrapped around her twice.
Wait until you see where James was when his daughter was born.

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