Woman Stays all Alone with 6 Kids, after Dad Dies. Then She Returns Home to Find The Inside Looks so Different

Estelle Barnes-Summers and her husband purchased a fixer-upper home in Michigan so they and their six children could be more comfortable. In the midst of renovations, Estelle’s husband was shot and killed.
Estelle was suddenly a 33-year-old grieving widow and single mom with six children to raise.
Not only that, but their house was still completely unfinished and unlivable. Estelle and her kids felt they lost their sense of safety and stability without a home or beds to sleep in.
Fox 2 teamed up with the Yatooma Foundation for the Kids to create and share a story about Estelle and her children.
After seeing the family’s heartbreaking story, dozens of volunteers jumped into action and collectively put in nearly 2,000 hours of work.
All Estelle really wanted was a space to call home, something with walls. But when she walked inside her home, she discovered so much more.

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