Maniac Threatens Neighborhood Kids with Bike, so ‘Redneck’ takes matters into his Own Hands

A dangerous motorcycle chase began in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Police were pursuing a male rider for some time, but they weren’t able to catch up with the speeding driver.
The motorcyclist came blasting through the neighborhood’s streets and alleys, where many families with young children resided.
But that’s when Floyd Briggs, a concerned citizen, saw the man flying down his street. Floyd — with his denim overalls, camouflage hat, and burly stature — may not look like your typical hero, but that’s exactly what he became in a matter of seconds.
“I gotta stop this guy before he hurts a little kid,” Floyd said to himself. And so, he proceeded to do what no one else dared.
Floyd stood directly in the middle of the street, arms reached out in front in him, staring down the motorcyclist. Local news called it the most “intense game of chicken.”
Watch the video below to find out what happened next. One commenter writes, “What many folks call a redneck, we call a gentleman.”

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