Massimo Bottura, World-Famous Chef, is Feeding The Homeless with Wasted Food from The Olympic Games

Olympic games are in full swing, athletes along with everyone watching from the stands are consuming a lot of food in Rio. And in the process, a lot of food is going to waste, too.
This is where world-famous chefs Massimo Bottura, who runs a well-known restaurant in Italy, and Brazilian chef David Hertz come in. They have joined forces to prepare food for the homeless people of Rio using leftover food from the Olympics. They are aiming to produce 5,000 meals a day with food that would otherwise be thrown out.
The pair is basing the project off of a similar initiative, Refettorio Ambrosiano, in which a group of 65 chefs from around the world came together to cook for the homeless.
The project will continue even after the games are finished, and the two chefs will even begin providing vocational training for those with low incomes in Rio.

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